Can I use the internet in your hotel?
Does the hotel provide baby beds?
Where can I leave my valuables?
Where can I leave my luggage after I have checked out of the hotel?
Is the hotel reception closed at night?
What do I do when I get ill during my stay in your hotel?
Will my room be exactly the same as on the website pictures?
I have no credit card. Can I still book a room in Hotel Multatuli?
I would like to cancel my reservation. What are the conditions for cancellation?
My credit card statement says I have paid my hotel bill even before my arrival in the hotel. How is that possible?
How do I get from Schiphol to Hotel Multatuli?
Can I travel by Schiphol Hotel Shuttle bus to and from the hotel?
Can I park my car near the hotel?
At what time do I need to clear my room at the day of departure?
At what time can I make use of my room?
Can I smoke in the hotel?
Is my dog allowed into your hotel?